What is Technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK)?

After read through the missklobegeiger’s blog post and the link provided in study desk, I had came out my own understanding about TPACK.

  • It is a framework contains three bases of knowledge which are content, pedagogy and technology.
  • It guides teachers reflect on the development and revision of integration technology to enhance both teaching and learning.
  • It an adaptable approaches to guide teachers in planning meaningful lessons for children with the integration of using ICT.

1)    Content knowledge– Teacher needs to discover the goals that they would like a student achieve in the curriculum.

2)   Pedagogical Knowledge Teacher has to figure out the appropriate teaching strategies that will use to help student to success and obtain the goal.  For example: Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory and Bloom’s Taxonomy as the teaching method can be use in enhance children’s learning.

3)  Technology Knowledge– Teacher needs to plan what technology, digital tools and resources are available for children to navigate and work out during the lesson.

These all are NEW to me.  I still in the learning progress in understanding more about TPACK.  It makes me reflect back on my previous practices in my teaching context.  Sometimes, I may explore to the technology part first only decide and plan activities to the children.  After gone through the new ideas about TPACK, my thinking is change.  Now only I realized as a curriculum designer, how important a teacher to discover what the children to learn/ obtain a leaning goal first, only decide the appropriate tools to be used as supporting tool in class later.

I am now further discovering about another three components (PCK, TCK & TPK) in the reading: What is TPACK?


Teaching Teachers for the Future, TTF. (n.d.). What is TPACK? Retrieved March 13, 2013 from

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