What is Electronic Field Trips?

It is interesting to read the new ideas about the electronic field trip from Deborah and Amy. Deborah had written on how children learn geography in more meaningful and engaging way with Internet. I am so impress on the greatness of electronic field trip to enhance children’s cognitive understanding with the supports from ICT gadgets.

Besides that, I love the activities introduced in KET Electronic Field Trips which posted in Amy’s post talking about the electronic field trip as well. I am agreeing with Amy this website has provided fruitful resources for teachers to use with the children with/ without hands-on experiences on real field trips.

In one of the activities named ‘Electronic Field Trip to Post Office’ (Kentucky Educational Television, KET, 2006) has provided a video which discuss to primary grades how letters get from mailbox to post office to mailbox. The video showed students meet a postal carrier, watch mail zip through the sorting machines at the post office, and learn about the different ways mail is delivered to different destinations by many different people. Besides that, it highlighting the role mail plays in our daily lives. It reinforces the critical importance of communication in the functioning of a community and the needs for strong reading and writing skills.

As teacher, I think I will use this electronic field trip as an introduction for my children to explore more about ‘Post Office’ and ‘Postman’ in class. Then, I will build on the ideas in language arts and social studies. I may set up a special corner call ‘Post office’ with specific child-sized furniture such as table, chair and shelf, as well as provide a variety or writing instruments and stationary. Then, I will encourage children to make mail boxes by using recycled materials. After that, write short notes or letters to the loved ones in classroom. At last, put it into the receivers’ mail box. Children will discuss and decide who going to be the postman of the day may deliver the letter or short notes from their mail boxes. From the series of learning experiences can help children understand well about the job as a mail carrier, such as collecting, sorting and delivering mails, and to appreciate the job as a community helper, mail carrier.

Kentucky Educational Television, KET. (2006). Electronic field trip to post office. Retrieved April 17, 2013, from http://www.ket.org/trips/postoffice/

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