Technology influences you and me


It is interesting to view on the video “Asian at works” shared by my classmate, Chee Hoi and Jia Yin.  The whole video actually reflect on nowadays people are so addict on using camera or Smartphone to capture every single moment in daily life and share with friends through different Apps (WhatsApp, Line, Instagram) or Facebook and Twitter.  This make us aware that how technology influence our daily life.

In 21st century, we are living in a digitalized world.   I believe that technology do influence our daily life.  People are so dependent on technology nowadays.  Just like me, I will check my Facebook account frequently in everyday basis.  I will use my I-phone to text my family members and friends every day.  I will check my email regularly to update my important events and tasks from college, works and banks.  I cannot imagine if one day my life without technology, what things will go to happen.

How your life will be affected without technology support? What do you think?


Jinnyboy TV. (2013, April 8). Asians at work [Video file]. Video posted to


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