Week 10: Topic that interested me a lot- ICTs and Early Childhood

It is time to start our planning for coming Professional experiences in this week!!

Thanks David for sorting out and organize the resources for us in week 10 learning pathway.  It is very useful and it has given me a big guide on planning learning experiences with ICT integrated in early childhood setting.  All the information shared in EDC3100 Diigo group that have been tagged with “earlyChildhood”   is very interesting and informative.  Now, I have gained more ideas about resources and activities that might engage with around ICTs in an early childhood setting.

For example, I have explored two links about different resources and games for babies and toddlers using ICT:

1) A collection of twelve online games for babies and toddlers (10 months to three years) from http://www.toddletoons.com/

2) Early years ICT resources under different headings from http://www.kented.org.uk/ngfl/earlyict/index.htm

Besides that, it is interesting to read through AMY’s posts regarding on some meaningful educational games in the websites contains a lot of links that she found is suitable to cater preschooler needs up to 12 years-old.  I love the three activities: Cyber kidz (introduced by Carmen Gambe), Means of transport, Storyline Online that had been discussed in Amy’s post which are suitable to implement as reinforcement activities for different subjects such as sciences, social studies and language.


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