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My Story Maker at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is one of the resources shared by our lecturer; Miss Kim had caught my attention in class.  This kids’ fun game was named one of the Best Website for teaching and learning by the American Association of School Librarians, a division of the American Library Association (Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, 2013).





It provide guidance to teach children on adding new objects and characters to create meaningful story.


My story Maker is a very fun game as it gives children a grateful of freedom and the power to decide the characters and objects of the story, taking them on adventures and creating their very own story along the way.  It guides children step-by-step on how to work with the story before they start to explore and create their own story creation.  Besides that it enhance children’s literacy skills such as writing and reading as it allows children create the story through typing and entering own words to form sentences. However, I think this resource is suitable for older children as it required high-level of literacy skills and higher order thinking skills to complete the task.  Next, this resource allows the children save and review, or print out the book when the children had done with their own story.  Nevertheless, it is a wonderful ICTs tools to enhance children’s creativity and innovative as well.

Children are allow to review, print or download their work when they had done for the story. Each story will be given a specific code, so that easier for reader to find their story when they want to review it later.

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