My Personal Reflection during EDC3100 Professional Practices (Part 1)

During the 15 days practicum in the center, I had gained a lot of precious experiences and had fun with the learning progress.  Really feel grateful to have a supportive team and friendly mentor who willing to guide me and give me plenty of freedom in exploring and experimenting my teaching lessons which integrated with different types of ICTs as supporting learning tool to enhance my children’s learning.  The experiences were really meaningful to me.

Digital Portfolio-Bean Growth Projects + what’s on Earth?

This is an excellent digital portfolio about a short-term project contains of various hands-on activities focus on the vegetable and fruits theme by the bridging class students with my guidance. The whole project was completed within three weeks. The children were learnt about the parts of the plants and the function of each part. Besides that, children gained hands-on experiences through real life activities such as plant the beans, take care of the plants, records observations about the growth of the plants through drawing and class presentation.  Moreover, I had introduced the structure of plants parts to their own functions using Scootle as one of my useful online resources in planning my lessons with 5-6 years old children.

Self-evaluation on Bean Growth Projects:

The objective of the lesson was met where all the children were actively participate in the activities.  Most of them were able to follow instruction in the activities.  Children show interested on the activities where they asked questions and actively contributed ideas in taking care about their plants, as well as remembered to water their plant and move the plant nearby the windows everyday without teacher’s reminder.  Moreover, they were happy to use the camera to take photos as well.

My mentor was happy with my lesson which incorporates ICT in interesting and appropriate ways to get children engaged actively in technology when conducting this lesson.  She further explained that she really enjoy on my planned of lessons which involve children to work with different ICT such as Movie maker and camera.  Before conducting the lesson, my mentors had discussed with me about the activities using kidsblog.  Even though, she love the new idea of children creating own blog account, but due to the consideration of parents’ concerns about the cyber safety issues, she suggested me to upload the video into center’s facebook account as children’s portfolio and shared it with the parents to track their children’s learning progress in school.

Self-evaluation on Scootle-What’s on Earth?

After trying to implement the activities with young children only I realized how satisfied and great when see my children love to participate in the online resource such as Scootle.  The lesson was successful as the students thoroughly enjoyed the activities as the image they saw were not something they would normally see and the Scootle program with audio presentation and attractive illustrations was very useful and engaging resource.  It helps students to stay focus and pay full attention with the resources in the activities.  Apart from that, I have a lot of fun throughout the process of learning with my children for this time of activities when reviewed the video once in class.  I can feel the satisfaction from the children through their conversations and discussion after the video reviewed in the next class.  Some of them mentioned that they love to see themselves in the video.  They enjoy and wish to record more video using the camera in future lessons as well.


My mentor felt that this lesson was very interesting as it was her first experience explored with Scootle as well.  She was interested to learn more about the Scootle program and she felt that this learning tool could be very useful for a variety of curriculum implementations.  Besides that, she was proud of my achievement in using ICT as supporting tool to enhance children’s 4C skills- Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration in their learning.  She encouraged me to continue using ICT in future teaching as it help to enhance children’s better engagement and heighten learner motivation by increasing self-efficacy and self-esteem, promoting positive attitudes toward school and increasing student involvement in learning activities.


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